Glass Cutting Wheels

The manufacturing of our two types of carbide cutting wheels have been developed through over 50 years of experience, and they retain excellent longevity and unsurpassed durability. Through continuous development, Koppmann carbide glass cutting wheels, interms of cutting performance and cutting quality, are ideal for cutting all types of glass.

Through many processing steps the raw materials comes the Koppmann carbide glass cutting wheel. All of our cutting wheels have polished faces and ground holes, thereby ensuring an optimum concentricity.

For automated applications we make carbide glass cutting wheels with different diameters, bores, cutting angles and thicknesses. Therefore we can always provide a suitable cutting wheel for each cutting head and machine type. Also, cutting wheels with special dimensions can be easily delivered.

With straight cut, shape cut, open cut, cutting of thin glass or cutting of thick glass, all cuts need special cutting angles and special rough grinding depths.

The surface roughness of the grinding is an essential criterion for a perfect cut. Especially in round and shaped cutting, it is important that the diameter of the wheel, the surface roughness of the grinding and the cutting angle are optimally matched to the glass thickness and hardness of the glass to be cut.

Our cutting wheels are available except with our standard gind with various special cuts (grind finishes)

  • F Grind (fine grinding) - for thin glass, display glass
  • Standard Grind- for float glass
  • 5 different R-Grinds - for shaped cuts, quartz glass, coated glass

Standard sizes for tungsten carbide cutting wheels in mm

  Outside Diameter (a): Inner Diameter (b): Thickness (c):
2,50 mm 0,80 mm 0,65 mm
3,00 mm 1,30 mm 1,00 mm
3,20 mm 1,42 mm 1,08 mm
4,10 mm 1,42 mm 1,08 mm
4,50 mm 1,30 mm 1,00 mm
5,00 mm 1,30 mm 1,00 mm
5,60 mm 1,42 mm 1,08 mm
5,80 mm 1,42 mm 1,08 mm
5,80 mm 1,40 mm 1,05 mm
6,00 mm 1,42 mm 1,08 mm
6,00 mm 1,55 mm 1,14 mm
6,00 mm 1,40 mm 1,05 mm
11,00 mm 1,75 mm 1,20 mm
11,00 mm 2,00 mm 1,30 mm

Cutting angle - glass thickness at the straight cut

  Angle: Glass thickness:
118° 1 mm
125° 2 - 3 mm
135° 3 - 4 mm
140° 5 mm
145° 6 - 8 mm
150° 10 mm
155° 12 - 15 mm
160° 19 mm
165° 19 - 24 mm

This chart is only a guide in relation to cutting angles and glass thicknesses. If the glass to be cut is harder than float glass, then the cutting angle should be more acute than is shown.

In many cutting and breaking operations, a cutting fluid can cause a lighter and cleaner break with little edge damage. This is especially true in round and shaped cuts and especially if an open cut is required.

Our many years of experience in the manufacture of glass cutting wheels, close cooperation with our customers and continuous production monitoring, are the guarantees for the quality of Koppmann carbide glass cutting wheels. With each cutting wheel, a test cut is performed before it leaves our business.

Carbide Type KX4

Koppmann carbide glass cutting wheels are also available from our newly developed carbide type KX4. These glass cutting wheels are characterized by a long service life.

Cutting wheels from the carbide type KX4 are also ideal for the cutting of float glass, glass tubes, laboratory glass, quartz glass, and for the hollow glass industry.

For cutting glass tubes we recommend the cutting wheel in KX4 with a cutting angle of 60 ° - 125 ° and with R-grind finish.

Our cutting wheels can be manufactured with angles of 60° to 165°, in 1° increments.